NJAL, AdBUSE IS A BLACK SHEEP, The World Leading Online Platform for New Designer Talent

Screenshot of NJAL choosing AdBUSE as Black Sheep

Selected as “Black Sheep” by NJAL

 “The World’s Leading Online Platform for New Designer Talent”

AdBUSE from the former Latin AD towards + ABUSE excess creates accessories with an excess of quality and design for customers who wish to feel unique in every moment.

Our collections are timeless and practical but all have a secret and seek to create trends. For this reason the NJAL platform decided to recognize us as BLACK SHEEP.

But what is NJAL and a black sheep?

NJAL (NOT JUST A LABEL) is considered by the press “The world’s leading online platform for new talent talent” (The Independent) where fashion designers are selected to stand out for their good work.

Black Sheep are a selection of designers from the NJAL community that their scouting team have identified as being especially innovative, pioneering and striking in their work.

NJAL identified designers as Black Sheep solely on the quality of their work. They stands for meritocracy and neutrality, and therefore does not accept requests from designers to become a Black Sheep.

Being selected by NJAL as part of their community was an important recognition and being selected as Black Sheep, gave us great joy. By itself is a definition that pleases us, it is good to be different, only when the moulds are broken you really advance in life.

We love to be chosen as a black sheep and as NJAL says we loves to stand out, swim against the stream, break moulds and change the landscape of fashion.






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