Orange leather bags are trens

Orange means determination, joy and warmth. A colour that we love and it could not be otherwise as it is the blend of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.

Different shades, tints, and hues of orange are present in the nature representing the changing. Orange is often associated with the autumn due to the colour of the leaves and the seasonal citrus fruits; oranges, mandarins and persimmons are everywhere and they promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy

Orange is the colour of creativity, since 70s it has been used on interiors, its warm, comforting hues were the ones in a decade where several shades of one colour were standard over patterns on everything from carpets to walls, even in excess.

But we are now seeing orange in a new light, and it feels fresh. The Orange is bright in fashion.

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Navy outfit, striped shirt, red pair of shorts, NOX Clutch

Every summer the “navy style” filled the boutiques and streets with its striped shirts.

But, how could be a simple shirt be transformed into a timeless fashion icon?

Its design was born in 1851 by a military decree from the second French Empire, where the Navy Official Gazette determined the obligatory uniform of the officers and sailors. Continue reading →

July is a month where people on vacation and business people mingled at the airports.

Personally, we prefer to travel in winter, when the beaches are deserted. Nevertheless, in July, a walk on the beach, a weekend getaway, is in our plans.

Even after meetings we are ready to take advantage of the long summer days. We carry always with us a Summer kit. Continue reading →

We love fuchsia, vibrant, a vivid violet red color, named after the color of the flower of the fuchsia plant that takes from Mr. Fuchs, a 16th century German botanist. Made by blending blue and red light in full and equal intensity, it is loved by designers and fashion.

When we think of fuchsia we imagine flamingos, Florida, good vibes… Who does not love the pink flamingos?

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It is always said that everything is created in the fashion industry but our team believes that it is not so, there is always a space for new ideas. Betting to spin the world of accessories we create the concept of “Harness Jewel BagMany people ask us how this piece was created and here we share part of the story. Gathered with the designer Silvia Mellado, an artist who stands out for the creation of exclusive furniture, we proposed her to unleash one of her crazy ideas and create an exclusive and versatile piece.

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Woman with a bag with Swarovski crystals. A jewel bag with gold chains

When we created our first iconic bag with Swarovski the “Crystal Angel” we decided to include  crystal elements due to their magic reflection of the light.

Each crystal of Swarovski tells a story and embodies over 120 years of master craftsmanship since 1891 when Daniel Swarovski invented an electrical machine that cut extremely accurate the crystals. His mastery was increased by his passion for innovation and design, and nowadays is maintained by this company.

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Various designs and looks of AdBUSE bags worn by men

Unlike Asian countries like Japan and Korea where seeing men with original handbags has become common, in Europe and America is not usual.

We are used to see men wearing bags mainly to go to work, to do sports, or when they travel, using classic models.  Mainly the men’ offer for bag accessories is very similar, sometimes is limited to a few basic designs and colours.

However in AdBUSE we believe that the accessories have no gender and some of our models are adaptable to men and women endowing to them their spirit.

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Eiffel Tower Paris and model with bag of AdBUSE

“we just love this city”

We attended the trade fair Premier Classe in Paris. An exhibition that has been a prestigious meeting point for Fashion accessories designers for 25 year Paris, showcasting leading and emerging brands.

The Premiere Classe exclusive selection of accessories range responds to clients’ requirements. Accessories chose for their creativity, originality and style.

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Screenshot of NJAL choosing AdBUSE as Black Sheep

Selected as “Black Sheep” by NJAL

 “The World’s Leading Online Platform for New Designer Talent”

AdBUSE from the former Latin AD towards + ABUSE excess creates accessories with an excess of quality and design for customers who wish to feel unique in every moment.

Our collections are timeless and practical but all have a secret and seek to create trends. For this reason the NJAL platform decided to recognize us as BLACK SHEEP.

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