July is a month where people on vacation and business people mingled at the airports.

Personally, we prefer to travel in winter, when the beaches are deserted. Nevertheless, in July, a walk on the beach, a weekend getaway, is in our plans.

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We love fuchsia, vibrant, a vivid violet red color, named after the color of the flower of the fuchsia plant that takes from Mr. Fuchs, a 16th century German botanist. Made by blending blue and red light in full and equal intensity, it is loved by designers and fashion.

When we think of fuchsia we imagine flamingos, Florida, good vibes… Who does not love the pink flamingos?

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Woman with a bag with Swarovski crystals. A jewel bag with gold chains

When we created our first iconic bag with Swarovski the “Crystal Angel” we decided to include  crystal elements due to their magic reflection of the light.

Each crystal of Swarovski tells a story and embodies over 120 years of master craftsmanship since 1891 when Daniel Swarovski invented an electrical machine that cut extremely accurate the crystals. His mastery was increased by his passion for innovation and design, and nowadays is maintained by this company.

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