AdBUSE “An accessory is your best business card, enjoy it in excess”
Latin “AD towards + ABUSE excess”

AdBUSE launches collections from Spain that are a reflection of a creative team that loves to live new experiences.

“Anything that we can do in excess is exciting”

After more than two decades working for the design word in international markets, we create AdBUSE, a brand that captures our passion for travel and the cosmopolitan vibe of different cities.

“When travelling you discover how important your accessories are. They have to be functional and elegant”

Creativity has no limits and our accessories are versatile and functional. They can be transformed and adapted: Clutch bags that are connected to bracelets, harness bags that can be luxury jewels, reversible tote bags, convertible bags…

“Excess on unique occasions is exhilarating. It prevents moderation of acquiring the deadening effects of a habit”

Craftsmanship and innovation are founding pillars to create exclusive items.

We choose the highest quality materials and experts in leather from Spain to create our collections. Our designers create desirable and unique luxury objects.