Orange leather bags are trens

Orange means determination, joy and warmth. A colour that we love and it could not be otherwise as it is the blend of the energy of red and the happiness of yellow.

Different shades, tints, and hues of orange are present in the nature representing the changing. Orange is often associated with the autumn due to the colour of the leaves and the seasonal citrus fruits; oranges, mandarins and persimmons are everywhere and they promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy

Orange is the colour of creativity, since 70s it has been used on interiors, its warm, comforting hues were the ones in a decade where several shades of one colour were standard over patterns on everything from carpets to walls, even in excess.

But we are now seeing orange in a new light, and it feels fresh. The Orange is bright in fashion.

Remember that orange promotes a sense of emotional energy that should be share and it is a blow to one’s pride.

If you are daring you can wear an orange skirt, dress or a pullover, you can choose from a vibrant citrus hue or a subtler burnt orange

But if you are colour shy, then introduce orange through accessories, scarfs, necklaces, bags…

You feel power and encouragement when you wear an orange bag. Many luxury bags brands introduce this colour in their creations for men and women. It is a colour with very high visibility and is often used to gain attention.

An orange leather bag can be combined easily with chic and casual looks. You can discover AdBUSE nappa leather bracelets and bags combining orange with taupe, like the Sunrise bag.

An orange leather bag is always on trend.


AdBUSE, “Live enjoy to excess”

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