NAVY STYLE from sailor uniform to fashion icon

Navy outfit, striped shirt, red pair of shorts, NOX Clutch

Every summer the “navy style” filled the boutiques and streets with its striped shirts.

But, how could be a simple shirt be transformed into a timeless fashion icon?

Its design was born in 1851 by a military decree from the second French Empire, where the Navy Official Gazette determined the obligatory uniform of the officers and sailors.

The latter, had to wear a sweater (in the summer a shirt) made up of 21 blue and white stripes that commemorated each Bonaparte’s victories. It allowed to recognize them as sailors in case of falling overboard, and was immediately adopted by other navy forces.

Produced in Brittany for the humble workers of the sea, it was introduced to the upper bourgeoisie by Coco Channel when she incorporated the navy shirt into her walks along the French Riviera. A look that broke the époque fashion cannons being quickly accepted by the ladies of the Riviera.

The “navy style” was born to stay.

In the 50s and 60s, actresses of the new French Vague welcomed the striped shirts again and there was no turning back. The summer could not be imagined without them, it was no longer a simple shirt for holidays at the seaside.

Pablo Picasso, Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn made it international.

Actors, designers, singers, adapted it to their style; Yves Saint Laurent introduced into the haute couture; Jean Paul Gaultier transformed into his icon; it was a fetish object of Kurt Cobain.

Nowadays, it is part of each basic wardrobe. The key is to combine it properly.

We bet on a casual chic look: a navy t-shirt and a pair of red shorts wear with the blue Python AdBUSE NOX clutch. A perfect outfit for the summer days and nights.


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