While Halloween is the big celebration in the autumn in the United States with its costumes and “Trick or treat” there is tradition behind the night of the witches that precedes the Feast of All Saint.

This date is celebrated in many countries in a different way. In Spain, on All Saints’ Day we honoured the deceased vising cemeteries with flowers and with a rich gastronomy that varies from region to region.

But in the globally connected world we live in, traditions are being mixed and even they are leaking into the fashion world.

Around Halloween has become popular to dress up wearing some amazing styles.

One of our favourites is inspired by the Mexican traditions and the Catrina Skull (Elegant Skull)

But what is behind Catrina Skull?


In all in terms of popularity, the Mexican Day of the Dead is a worldwide recognized celebration. And skull has been used since the Aztec days.

A drawing of a skeleton dressed in an expensive hat has become iconic in the Day of the Dead celebrations, and has led to a resurgence of the Aztec Lady of the Dead.

Created in the 1910’s by illustrator Jose Guadalupe Posada who drew an image poking fun at the upper classes of Mexico to criticize the social differences; The Catrina Skull, or Elegant Skull has become a Mexican icon used in figures, pastries, posters and even by the fashion industry in t-shirts, sneakers…

Maybe it is due to its ironic touch but the fact is that it becomes a popular costume around Halloween wearing a colourful long dress with laces.

You can make it more classic wearing a black dress, with the appropriate makeup and a crown of flowers. The look is completed with the bracelet bag Catch Me” by Adbuse, a night killer.


AdBUSE “Live enjoy to excess”

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