BAGS ARE ALSO FOR MEN, meeting Mister Bag in Paris

Various designs and looks of AdBUSE bags worn by men

Unlike Asian countries like Japan and Korea where seeing men with original handbags has become common, in Europe and America is not usual.

We are used to see men wearing bags mainly to go to work, to do sports, or when they travel, using classic models.  Mainly the men’ offer for bag accessories is very similar, sometimes is limited to a few basic designs and colours.

However in AdBUSE we believe that the accessories have no gender and some of our models are adaptable to men and women endowing to them their spirit.

For men, we create models for daily use like our convertible cross bags hand made in soft nappa “Viator” and “Flexum”, or more avant-garde models like Embrace for the most daring men.

By chance during our stay in Paris I met up with one of the most important bloggers in Spain for luxury bags, “Mister Bag”. He was there to cover the trade fair on behalf of the magazine “The Luxonomist” belonging to the broadcaster Divinity and did not hesitate to dedicate us a beautiful post and video that you can find by clicking here

What nobody can imagine is that if we decided to make collections of men it was partly because him. Years ago I met him at a golf club in the city of Sitges. At that time he was a shy boy who wore a female cut-off bag, giving him a masculine touch that surprised me.

He was a person who attract me with his smile and I cannot resist to engage him in conversation. His story of how he started to use bags, surprised me. As a child, illness caused him to take medicines that he needed to carry with him in a backpack. Throughout the years this need became his passion and you always see him accompanied by exclusive handbags despite he does no need longer medicines.

In AdBUSE we can create but we believe that who really makes the bag unique is the person who wears it.

It is an absolute delight to see how the trend of the use of the bag by men leaves the catwalks and is taking to the streets.

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