Eiffel Tower Paris and model with bag of AdBUSE

“we just love this city”

We attended the trade fair Premier Classe in Paris. An exhibition that has been a prestigious meeting point for Fashion accessories designers for 25 year Paris, showcasting leading and emerging brands.

The Premiere Classe exclusive selection of accessories range responds to clients’ requirements. Accessories chose for their creativity, originality and style.

But Paris is not just a city for fashion business. We adore it and we do not lose the occasion to visit it again, its monuments and its people have a special grace. Just walking around the Champs Elysees is a privilege and you can understand that Paris is one of the most important cities for fashion circuit.

You need several days to visit it but in just a second you are trapped but its charmed character, the cathedral of Notre Dame, the Louvre are a must but nothing compared with strolling without a destiny, crossing its bridges, sitting in any café and let the time pass by.

Once more time we decided to visit Paris wearing our one of our AdBUSE bags.


If you pay attention, you’ll see the Eiffel Tower from any place, an artwork created by a men that break the rules.

Built as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World’s Fair a particular exposition that celebrated the downfall of the Bastille [100 years earlier] and the rise of the French republic and democracy. They wanted a spectacular centrepiece to attract people and brand the fair.

Luckily Gustave Eiffel Eiffel, a very famous, self-made railroad bridge engineer won a contest.

In the beginning, it received several critics even all the aesthetes of France – artists, literary people – that drew together and wrote a scathing public letter denouncing the tower as a barbaric industrial object, like a factory chimney, taller than anything else in Paris, and it would be there for 20 years. People also feared it might collapse.

But as the tower rose up like a giant 3-D puzzle (using all of the pieces manufactured in Eiffel’s factories, brought up the Seine on barges) people began to change their minds. It became one of the most famous things in the world before it was even finished and it has never lost its power

More than a building it is a symbol of Paris and France. During the Nazi area French citizens were shot when climbing it to try to replace the Nazi flag with homemade French flags.

No one could imagine Paris today without this art-nouveau 320m-tall tower.

We love this city each corner hides something to be discovered and we are proud to be there exhibiting.

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