A NEW CONCEPT in the world of accesories is posible



It is always said that everything is created in the fashion industry but our team believes that it is not so, there is always a space for new ideas. Betting to spin the world of accessories we create the concept of “Harness Jewel BagMany people ask us how this piece was created and here we share part of the story. Gathered with the designer Silvia Mellado, an artist who stands out for the creation of exclusive furniture, we proposed her to unleash one of her crazy ideas and create an exclusive and versatile piece.

The creative process starting from a mad proposal of this incredible woman and that captivated us, was not easy. After many months of hard work the idea was converted into a real accessory. A collaboration that stole our sleep and soul.

Multiple pattern designing were needed to create an ergonomic leather accessory adaptable to the human body.

We looked for smooth and flexible materials with pleasant touch for skin contact, being chosen a nappa calf leather with silk texture  Gold-plated chains with different designs and sizes were selected.

A finishing touch that makes it a piece of jewellery, which astonishes and attracts attention.

“Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result. Make a difference”

We are sure that similarities will soon be created but we are proud to be the genuine creators of a new bag concept

Collaboration of crazy minds and a vital spirit that we hope will catch you 

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